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1 Year. 365 Days. 8,760 Hours. You Get the Idea.

On June 6, 2023, I formally became a published author. That's the day when Transformation Summer had its "official" launch – although the book had actually been available for several weeks, for reasons too technical and prosaic to explain. 

I would absolutely include 6/6/23 among the most memorable days of my life, although milestones like, oh, my wedding day and seeing my daughters born obviously have far more weight and meaning. But I did specifically take off from work for the book launch, and I even made a video for the occasion. 

During the course of these past 365 days, I've often been asked, "So, how is it, being an actual author?" The short, fundamental answer is "Pretty damn good, y'know?" – and I really do mean that. 

The longer, more nuanced answer goes like this: I found the process of writing the book, then getting it ready for publication – working with the editor, graphic designer, promotions/marketing folk – to be quite enjoyable. 

The process of selling the book? Less so. 

Oh, I don't mean to imply that everything since June 6 has been sheer drudgery. I've had some delightful interviews, in person or by email, a few fun author events, and a lot of informal conversations with friends, acquaintances, even complete strangers, about what goes into writing – and finishing – a book. 

But just because you published a book doesn't mean people have to buy it or pay any kind of attention to it. Let's just say the adjective "best-selling" is unlikely to appear in reference to me or Transformation Summer. Don't think you'll be seeing glossy photos of me in some newspaper's arts or lifestyle section, either. 

That's OK, though. As I've told anyone who will listen, I never, ever expected there would be a day like June 6, 2023. I feel very grateful (especially to my publisher and its staff) for this opportunity, which might – just might – result in me writing a sort-of sequel. Needless to say, I'll keep you updated on that. 

For now, though, I'll note that I will be participating in the July 11 Arlington Author Salon (more to come on this). 

Thanks to any and all of you who've taken an interest in this humble little endeavor. If you enjoyed reading Transformation Summer, please consider posting a review at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and other such sites. Or just tell your friends. 

If you're still unacquainted, I'll leave you with the usual message. #BuyTheDamnBook

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