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I'm a professional writer, but it's more than just a job for me. I enjoy writing as a means of self-expression and a vehicle for my creativity, and most of all, to engage with other people. In the spring of 2023, I published my first novel, Transformation Summer. Check out "My Works" to learn more about the book and my other writing activities.

Featured Work & Reviews

Transformation Summer

Published by Atmosphere Press

It’s summer and 16-year-old Seth’s life is falling apart. His parents are about to divorce, and his mother drags him along with her to a unique personal-growth camp, Toward Transformation – a trip certain to be disastrous. But Transformation is not what he expects, and as an adult he’s still trying to process what happened during, and after, those two weeks. Transformation Summer is not just a coming-of-age novel, but an exploration of how we experience memories of youth, and their enduring impact on our lives.  


"Sean Smith has crafted an intimate portrayal of psychology, memory, emotions, and self-exploration that lures us into a much deeper and more meaningful story than it may first appear."

Reader's Favorite

"Transformation Summer is a beautifully crafted narrative that captures the essence of coming of age with sensitivity and insight. It’s a commendable read for anyone drawn to adolescent growth and transformation exploration."

Literary TItan

"The experiences of youth shape our lives and influence––for better or worse––how we interact with the world around us as we move through adulthood. Our adolescent memories are often confusing and even haunting until we have discovered their true meaning. Seth’s journey to understanding the full import of his transformative summer will provide him (and perhaps the reader as well) with an enhanced appreciation for life’s expectations. The protagonist's probing of his past will put him in a better position to navigate the twists and turns of the road ahead. Knowledge lights the path. A compelling narrative from an insightful writer."

Michael Keith, American media historian; fiction and non-fiction writer; author of The Next Better Place, Insomnia 11 and Quiet Geography; Pushcart Prize nominee

"Sean Smith's first novel is a Bildungsroman with a difference: His deep psychological insights into the mind of a wily adolescent in revolt and first passion is marvelously offset by witty observations about human existence in its heights and depths. A book of great wisdom and compassion."

Richard Kearney, distinguished philosopher, academic and writer; author of Salvage and Strangers, Gods and Monsters: Interpreting Otherness

Recent & Upcoming

JUNE 17, 2023

Book reading and signing, Oakwood Friends School Alumni Weekend, Poughkeepsie, NY (private event)

JULY 9, 2023

Book reading, discussion and signing, Nordic Hall, Scandinavian Living Center, Newton, Mass., 4-5 p.m.

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