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Going Public

I'm holding another Transformation Summer reading and discussion event later this month: Friday, Oct. 20, 4:30 p.m. at Boston College's Connolly House (300 Hammond Street, Chestnut Hill). Here's a link that includes a map to help you find your way there.

I'm pleased and excited about this event for several reasons, not least that it's being co-sponsored by BC's Office of University Communications, where I work, and Irish Studies Program, with whom I've collaborated countless times over the years.

And then there's the venue. Connolly House (below) is the headquarters of the Irish Studies Program, and thus one of my favorite campus destinations. Over the years, Connolly House also has served as the setting for many concerts as part of the Gaelic Roots series, featuring people like Seamus Connolly (of course), Tommy Sands, the Kane Sisters, Brenda Castles, Joe Derrane, Kate Chadbourne, Laurel Martin and...There also have been innumerable jam sessions on the Connolly House back porch or in its exquisite Andover Room.

And that's just the music-related events. Connolly House also has hosted distinguished, accomplished speakers from all manner of fields and disciplines, and I'm not even going to try to list examples because, inevitably, somebody will tell me, "How could you not include [name]?"

So yeah, this is a big deal for me, and Transformation Summer. It'll be fun. Please consider attending.

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